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In the interest of encouraging people to keep cycling to and from work, your favourite sports events company have designed these saddle covers which come in pretty handy. As well as being able to easily identify your ride from a mile* away (*approx distance), these covers will keep your saddle dry whilst you keep toasty in the office. And then when you then come to cycle home, just whip off the cover and enjoy the delights of cycling home with a dry bottom!These covers are much more trendy than using a plastic bag, and scrunch up small into a pocket or saddle bag once removed from the saddle. They feature a classic blue aat events background sporting big blocky writing, with the line: “WE’VE GOT YOUR ASS COVERED” in white over the top.


As you can buy 4 for just £10 (with FREE postage!!), these covers are sure to make a great (and humorous) stocking addition for the cyclists in your life. So there you have it, aat events officially makes christmas shopping a breeze.
If you want to steal christmas for yourself, then you can buy just one for £3 (+ small postage fee) from our online shop.

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